Mar 21, 2017

Image is Important

To prepare yourself before you visit, you should remember some things that would keep you in track. One of the things that you must remember is to always be mindful of the kind of dress that you wear. What you look like on the outside, determine strongly what you are inside. They are like speakers for your thought and your inside person. It might be important to appear neat and clean and beautiful but it is also important that you keep yourself clean beneath your clothes. A girl must be able to maintain a good hygiene so that she would not feel shy getting close to other people. When you have a good personal hygiene, it would be like broadcasting to other people that you are a neat and clean person inside. Other than your hygiene, the clothes that you wear have also a lot to say about you. The kind of clothes that we wear often speaks for us and what kind of person we are. So if we do not want to be identified that we are someone else, we might not as well wear clothes that does not really define us. Other than self image, we also have to consider the comfort with the clothes that we wear.