Apr 30, 2017

Lighting Matter


We might have a lot to learn about photography and Tegan Johnson can provide everything that we need to know about photography. Even the simplest things should be given concern because it would have a big effect on our projects.


Even just checking our camera can have a big effect on how our photos will turn out. We have to clean our lenses but not with soap and water, but we could just clean it up with tissue to clear out smudges. Another thing to consider before clicking the shutter, we have to make sure that we have a good lighting so that our photos would come out in a good setting. We have to really work on our lighting because it can ruin everything when we were not able to set our lighting properly. We might have been witnesses of how professional photographers work with lighting and they usually give excellent pictures in the end.


We have to put in mind where we would put our subject and how much light we will use so we can project the right image that we desire as a result. We have to learn how we should position ourselves so as the subject will not be blacking the source of light except if we want to shoot a silhouette photo.